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- Load placements in GTAV. Easily park your car at our 50+ parking spots in front of the building and reach us with the new tunnel entrance to the.
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  • The unique beach enviroment is the perfect place for everyone to have a private, fun and comfortable time! The Pacific Bluffs Beach offers five enterable bungalows connected simply by a wooden path on the beach with tiki torches.
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    <details><summary>Metadata</summary>{ "area": "PBLUFF", "creat": 1684452652, "crewid": 0, "cv": true, "drctr": false, "loc": { "x": -</details>.

  • Fiv3Devs presents Pacific Bluffs, a custom map located in Chumash.
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    ) If you have any problems or suggestions please E-mail me If.

  • First map mod for GTA V.
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  • The Center can also be accessed via footpath from West Eclipse Boulevard.
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  • This is the Pacific Bluffs 6 House mod I created for Menyoo GTAV.
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    The Npc's just spawn inside the chairs and I don't know if I can disable that or.

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